Geriatrics Focus Group

This sub-site is under development

There are many geriatric patients in the MH LHIN who do not currently have a regular primary care practitioner they can access. There are more medical conditions to manage, more investigations to track, more partners involved and more medications. Meeting the care needs for a geriatrics patient population is different for FFS and FHG doctors.  FHG and FFS docs have to provide these services without government-funded in-clinic assistance. Without an on-site care network, this care can become more challenging in a way that impacts the overall effectiveness of the care despite everyone’s best intentions.

Despite this significant challenge, there are FFS and FHG doctors who do choose to manage this population.

This sub-site's aim is to gather FFS and FHG doctors who focus on geriatrics together to  ..

  • help them in their efforts to deliver effective care in an austere setting.
  • tell their story
  • form a support collective