How to become a member of FHGTree

Account creation on the site is passcode protected. You will need the passcode to sign up.

send an email to with you name and practice location and we will send you out a passcode.

Signing up is easy once you have the code. It takes about 2 minutes.

Why use a passcode?

We've built a lot of these sites. A passcode is a good idea. It stops most nuisance signups. 


Presently we are seeking signups from FFS and FHG doctors as a priority because our goal is to help this group organize. This is sort of like AFHTO. This does not mean that primary care partners outside of this group will be excluded. This is where we differ from other organizations like AFHTO.

For instance in the fall of 2019 we are launching a blogging module where we will be seeking the input and participation of many of the FHT docs and LHIN staff who currently steer the region's primary care infrastructure. They will all be asked to join so they can have the opportunity to do their part to help move forward,

We are also seeking to combine our efforts with the group of primarily FHT doctors who run the only other primary care website in the region at which point the FHGTree movement would be under the aegis of that group... You can't get more inclusive than that.