- Provide a representative organisation for physicians who practice in FFS, FHG & CCM PEMs.
- Achieve a unified voice for FFS, FHG & CCM physicians.
- Aim for inclusivity in the current Primary Care ecosystem.
- Aim to procure access to services that are currently unavailable to our patients through collaboration with local health organizations.


Identify and help provide solutions to the internal or external barriers that have  historically limited the ability of FFS, FHG and CCM doctors in being able to actively engage in primary care planning and coordination.

What we bring to the table

- The OHT process is an opportunity for us to organise as FFS primary care physicians.
- What can we offer?
-- Knowledge - How to manage complex patient care in  austere financial settings.
-- Numbers - We represent approximately  66 % of the primary care physicians in the region who are currently under-represented at physician organisations.

How to get involved

- Speak to colleagues & spread the word.
- sign up for our bulletin at FHGTree.com/bulletins
- To join the team email gregvan@em2data.com. Provide us with your contact details & email addresses.
- Follow @fhgtree on Twitter